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Burnt to the Core but not Broken

we'll cut through the madness of these streets below the moon

your walking down stairs at a train station , a buisness man runs past you, trips and rolls down the stairs, what would you do?Help the man up.
always night or always day, choose or die.Night coz I'm a whitey. The sun burns me.
your at the big meeting, ceo board members and such, suddenly they all jump up on the table, squat down and start going "nhgghnhgf"and shaking their heads before shitting on the table, what do you do?Wonder what dimension I've wandered into, or what drugs they've taken.
your talking to a mate on the phone, conversation ends, you try to hang up but cant and you realise that the phone has molded into ur head and is now part of it, what do you do?Cast a spell to heal my fucked up face.
ur at kfc, you take a mad bite of your burger before feeling a pop, and chicken puss from a cist on the chicken fills your mouth, what do you do?Vomit, never eat chicken again.
for guys, would you lick sharon stones asshole afters shes just had a shit?
for girls, would you lick brad pitts asshole while he was farting?I wouldn't lick any part of Brad Pitt even when he isn't farting.
your at a party and the person next to you who you dont know suddenly gets a bottle broken across their head, they crumple to the ground, what do you do?See if they're conscious and get them the help if they need it.
whats inside a head?Which head?
why is shit brown?It's dark inside. He doesn't want to risk wearing different colours. He might clash.
"my density has popped me to you." what movie?The last person who took this said Back to the future, sounds right.
what do you think of paris hilton?I don't form oppinions of people I don't know.
you wake up in a movie of your choice and are playing which character?Melody-Josie and the Pussycats
a madman gives you a choice, be tied up and thrown on a meat ants nest for an hour, or tied to a tin roof in 43 degree heat for 6 hours?Do I get sunscreen? I choose heat and I'd try to get some sleep.
same madman says you can have 6 pins gently hammered through your balls or clitoris, or have your pinki finger cut off with scissors?Pinki, I think I might be able to play drums without it. Anyways, you never said I couldn't have it sewn back on.
bruce willis and antonio banderas are hanging off a clff, you can only save one. who?Antonio, he's hot, I'm shallow. Plus Bruce Willis is Unbreakable.
your whole family dies if you dont choose, you have to be joined at the head forever with a person of your choice, who?Someone the same height.
choose or die, stab an elephant to death, or headbutt a monkey to deathIf a creature's going to suffer because of me, I should suffer too. The monkey.
what would you do if your mum smashed a bottle across your face and knocked out two of your teeth?Get her to drive me straight to the dentist.
whats the last thing youd say before you died?I Love You.
is love hate in disguise and just tries to trick us?Yes
you are the ender of earth, how would you do it?Throw the whole world a party......I can't end it.
you have one wish, what is it?Happiness for EVERYONE.
you can have one super power, what?To heal
would you throw your dad through a window for a grand?I Love my dad, I wouldn't do it for a million.
would you carry stallones baby for him for free?I haven't even decided whether I even want children and I don't want to sleep with that guy.
if you g/f, b/f really wanted you to shit in their mouth, would you do it?Fuck no.
what would you do if you were kissing someone at niteclub and they threw up in your mout? pie and beer spew?Run to the bathroom and wash my mouth out thoroughly.
does david hasselhoff like sand?Probably not after getting it stuck in his ass crack day after day on set.
what time is it?7:25pm


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